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Concept Design

Absolute Tabletop

As a freelance illustrator, I was hired as an independent contractor to work on the character designs for Absolute Tabletop’s Latest Adventure Kit: The Battle for Arctor's Vault. Working under Art Director Tim Kearney to illustrate the vision of the team I created a handful of characters that were featured in their Kickstarter and their Adventure Kit Handbook!

Finalized Designs

Not only did I assist with character creation but I worked back and forth with them over the concept designs for armor, weapons, HUB displays, and creatures. These designs were then used as reference for other artists

who were a part of the project.

Brainstorming and Sketchwork

A collection of the character brainstorming as well

as variations of concept design work that led us

to the final renderings for the creatures and

characters of Arctors Vault!

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