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Bancha Tea Advertisement

Tea has a history, and for Bancha we aim to capture the tradition of each brew along with the history of each tea produced. Featured on each of their containers are illustrations that demonstrate the meaning, history, or origin of the teas they offer. 


This advertisement for one of the flavors known as Tie Guan Yin. Much of the process began with storyboarding and contemplating the feel desired for the overall piece. Eventually the word Zen defined the aesthetic considering the illustrations were Asian inspired. 

The Process

As standard practice, a storyboard was first implemented. The hope overall was to create a very zen feel with the moving animations and the overall feel. Originally the concept of the final scene was going to be much longer. Based on the timeframe needed to create this Ad however and the instance that it is only meant to be 30 seconds a great deal was removed for the sake of time.


Much of the animation process involved borrowing real-life examples to create the animations for each scene of the Ad itself. Most of these shots involve doing an action or using roommate's or significant others' actions as a reference. 

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