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New Character! [Rashida Adel Salah]

So thanks to one of my players, who decided to DM a new game, I get to finally for once be a player and make a character!

So without further waiting, here is the back story on Rashida Adel Salah!

The daughter of an architect Rashida lived in the city of Ravia with her siblings, Sabra and Gamal. Her brother Gamal, the eldest, was framed for a crime when she was young and never returned home after that. With the neglect of her father and the morose nature of her mother, Rashida was left with the task of helping to raise her younger brother Sabra. There were moments of caretaking when their mother’s depression was not

overwhelming and during those times Sabra and Rashida were showered with love. Yet for the majority of their young life, their mother was mentally unable to care for them. Often laying in bed for all hours of the day in a constant state of hibernation. With their Father, he was often too busy with his work, yet Rashida could remember the early morning sunrises that would filter into his office. She once opened the balcony window attempting to get him to pay attention to her, and the winds from their lofty home rushed in. Blowing up the white cotton curtains and sweeping away the papers and blueprints he had worked so hard on. Needless to say, she was never allowed in the office again.

One day her Father promised her a trip since she had shown “interest in his work”, even though it was merely an attempt to get him to have an interest in her. With the chance of her father being willing to spend time with her, she leaped at the chance. When they arrived she spent half of the trip eager and listening but soon because distracted. She trailed off from the temple her father was contracting for by the river. Going over the needed repairs and design changes for the temple due to a storm. She was digging around in the mud and discovers a dead animal in the water. Just moments of pulling the Pseudodragon from the river it opens its eyes and springs to life. The creature wild and uncertain of Rashida was eventually coaxed by her with a bag of blueberries. It eventually became her close companion through her childhood till the present.

From that day her Father resumed his neglect of his children and her mothers sadness never lifted. In the evenings on a full moon, their mother was nowhere to be found. Yet Sabra would often crawl into bed with Rashida crying about wolf-like howling and snarling from beneath his room. As Rashida grew older she eventually discovered that the howling was from the basement of their home. Their father, the only time he had even rewarded them with his attention, warned Rashida never to go in there on those nights and demanded she keeps it from Sabra. Eventually Rashida came to realize that her mother was the snarling wolf in the basement overtime. Spending the time to research and delve into the term at the local library, she learned her mother was afflicted with Lycanthrope. It was then she began studying healing and restoration spells in the hopes of one day freeing her mother from the curse. Visiting temples and always asking the clergymen questions after their service. Never really choosing any one faith in specific, just anything that could help save her mother.

On one fateful night Rashida was returning home from a late night service at one of the temples at the furthest part of town. Ahead, on the dark streets that were barely lit with lantern lights. Distant sounds of a wolf and several individuals struggling against each other echoes over the cobblestones and dark alleys. Rashida, frightened, but propelled forward by worry and curiosity rushes toward the sounds. By the time she reaches them the wolf yelps and there is a sickening silence. Peeking into the alley way she discovers three individuals, a man in silver plate, a woman in leather skins, and a shorter male dressed in long robes. Bloodied and panting between them is the mangled singed form of a werewolf, the creatures eyes slowly glazing over as the beast ushers its last breath. The three agree that the authorities need to be notified about the appearance of a Lycanthrope and endeavor to cart the creature away, before they do, the woman in leathers coins a silver necklace that Rashida remembers. Without hesitation she dashes from her hiding space, weeping at the realization, and crying over the creature. Eventually pulled away from the corpse of her mother as the group are confused by the 8 year olds weeping, and incoherent screams,the man in robes guides her home as the others drag her mother away.

Time passes, the authorities come and go, and her father nor Rashida are ever held accountable for her mothers attack. Eventually Rashida manages to balance life after the death of her mother and her brother and her experience something new. The two of them had crushes on the same person. This is when Rashida was realizing she had tendencies towards being Bisexual. Their Rivalry was friendly however and in the end, Rashida allowed her younger sibling to attempt to claim the victory. Teasing them all the while and occasionally giving them a hard time.

For the next four years, she begins to study to become a scion of faith at the temple her father built. Even though she leaves for her Wanderlust she uses her endeavor to become a cleric as an excuse for Pilgrimage. With this excuse her father allows her to leave. She spends a year traveling across Agramar and visiting many cities.

After her year of traveling and training to be a cleric the lord of her land made a call for adventurers. The call was dire and not many arrived to his call save for Rashida. Who was looking for any excuse to be away from her father at the time after he sent a letter to her near the end of her travels. He informed her had great plans for Rashida’s future and enforces that she will fulfill those plans whether she intends to or not. She took it as a threat and considering her father at the time started working for a questionable cult, according to her brother Sabra, she decided she needed to get far away. Ensuring her brothers safety first with his wife before setting off on the Lord's task.

Through her adventures Rashida found herself in a major battle that her party won on, however despite the fact that her side won, they were ambushed and she was captured and enslaved. She spends the next 6 years enslaved by the man who ambushed her party with his men. Over the 6 years of slavery she eventually becomes his favorite and is forced into several horrible and debasing situations to ensure her survival. Becoming his plaything gave her certain freedoms to which the rest of her enslaved party members grew jealous of. Unaware of the situation and simply believing it was due to her efforts of sucking up to their owner. Her freedom led her to the owners first cousin, a woman who took pity on her situation, and agreed to help her and her allies escape. Her owners estate is lit on fire in the process by the other slaves however and Rashida is left fleeing for her freedom and life as him and his men scour the woods for her and her party.

In desperate attempts to flee through the woods, scrambling through mud, tripping and bearing scratches from the branches and bushes around her. She cries out a plea, a desperate cry for help. Within her thoughts a voice replies, questioning what she would do for this aid, her response.


Within the blink of an eye she finds herself catching the scent of the ocean and the sight of the docks confronts her. Wherever she had been she was no longer there. Yet the voice that asked her the question departs without another word, making her question for just a moment, what exactly had saved her.

And that is Rashida! I hope you all enjoy and look forward to the next post!

All my best,


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