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The Anchor: Series of Concepts

Good Evening everyone,

Evening on my end since I'm in the midst of a late night post. I'm definitely up way past my bed time. My reasoning for it however is because I wanted to go over the transformation of style as well as how concepts can change over time. To begin Jade and I had gone through and worked on the first episode at least 3 years ago in August and this episode was posted August 3rd, 2018 on Deviant art.

Now with this three year old rendition posted and show, most of the dialogue and a few scenes will most likely be kept...of course with a few changes but it struck me hard when I saw the change. It made me realize how far I had come in regards to style, and I noticed where in certain places, I was struggling to grasp for a comfortable ease in creating each scene and the characters themselves. Much of it to me now feels rigid and anatomically incorrect. Now we move on to work on Episode two which I have not posted so...



Now this version feels VERY close to what I desired for the comics feel, the colors, the motion, the camera shots, and most importantly the characters. Nana looks more fleshed out as does Grandpa however there are still moments where I notice some inconsistencies. Which has resulted in the practice I initiated today. I felt that I needed to ensure I felt comfortable drawing the main character, especially since, I will be drawing him for six chapters straight! Which lead us to these.

Now these concepts are VERY close to the one above because I love the rendition of the second episodes shots. I may make certain changes to ensure he has a softer and more gentle appearance because that is the purpose of Grandpa, but overall, I feel we are much closer and I feel more comfortable now with the design of Grandpa. Since episode three's script and thumbs are still underway I will endeavor to continue working on the concepts of all the characters. So that I can build the same comfortable feeling for each on so that there are fewer anatomical errors. I will always find something to nitpick as I grow as an artist but it is amazing the progress of three years.

So for those of you who feel like you're going no where, keep going, you never notice the progress of where you are until you look back on where you were!

If you want to see the time-lapse video of me working on these concepts you can find it on my YouTube channel! Please support me by subscribing and liking my content!

Have a good night all, bye!











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