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Waves of Time Campaign Log 1

Our story begins-

Traveling through the plains of Tyr, two figures traverse along a dirt path that carves its way through the tall grasses and massive stone relics of the past. Gruesome creatures and giants are caught in eternal frozen combat as an Elven maiden walks on apart from the road. Ahead of her, and using the road that passes through the plains, is a burly tribal creature that bears the likeness of a reptile, waddling next to him a creature of molten rock flame follows his steps.

The Elven traveler is struck with curiosity by the landscape and approaches the road despite her better judgments. Upon further inspection of the statues, She comes to understand that they were once living beings, giants of old days past. Through some knowledge rolls, Persephone is able to coin this information.

The Tale of Old

"In ancient days Midjord was ruled by Giants and Trolls alike. Known as the Gaul. A massive battle between Troll and Gaul broke out for the territory, fighting over the land known as Torgrund, but now is called the Tyr's plains.
Their neighbors the Goblins were trapped in the warpath between these two monstrously sized beings. Villages and Cities were crushed beneath their feet and the carnage was steadily rising.
In response Ignatzu, one of the grand wizards from the Goblin tribes of that time, cast a spell on these warring giants. Desperate to keep their destruction from harming those underfoot he turned them all to stone and any that survived this spell had their minds morphed into animals"

As the Elven Maid drew knowledge from these statues. She remembered the stories her father, Ballymarhbe had shared with her, before a flash of movement caught her eye. She is face to face with the molten creature from the road. Its rocky form a pleasing replacement for flesh. Persephone, the Elven Necromancer, finds that she is not repulsed by this creature, nor it's owner once Kahame approaches and greets her.

Our players are finally introduced. We have Persphone the Volskan Necromancer [Version of elf on my world that has necromantic tendencies] who has been living in a literal cave for the majority of her young life, with her adoptive skeletal father, known as a Ballymarhbe. The Reptilian barbarian is later to be revealed as Kahame, a Lizardfolk [Tiwari is the name for them in my homebrew world] with an oceanic culture much like the Maori. Following alongside him is Krakatoa, a magmen, a creature of volcanic fire and molten rock.

With introductions, Persephone and Kahame's attention is drawn from each other by the squeaking wheels of a carriage. Varns Potions and Dye's rolls into view and offers them a look at his wares as well as a ride should they desire it. Persephone with no real course planned and Kahame seeking stories to record decide to board Varns Carriage and continue down the road together.

Within the Cart, they make arrangements to purchase several health potions while Persephone eyes the hair dyes. Her attention is slowly drawn to a shadowed form at the back of the carriage.

Bundled up in the far end of the moving shop is a reclusive stout figure. Dark robes are wrapped tightly around her form and through the player's curious inspections, the two are able to discover that their fellow passenger is a Xing Mao. [The Xingmao is my variation of Catfolk, they are short, about the size of halflings and have a culture that resembles that of ancient China. This is the Race that my character Ping is apart of]

Persephone rests across from this strange cat and notices several details. She catches the whiff of a scent, in particular, that of salt and the ocean breeze. While Kahame catches sight of a crab and several other crustaceans that retreat into her robes. Her robes wet at the hem and her fur damp as she draws her attention to the newcomers. A conversation with the Cat begins, they learn that she is a follower of Sedna, the goddess of death. Lady of the Brine and mother of the Sea. They learn she is traveling and her mission is to send a message. Her eerie demeanor only intensifies when she warns them that something follows the carriage, something sinister.

It is then that the players are confronted by reptilian hounds that pounce into the carriage and attempt to subdue the players.

Combat initiative is rolled and the battle begins!

The two band together, along with Varn with whom they convince to hasten the carriage. A serpent followed by two Kobold and two Drake Hounds lay siege to the players. Kahame rises victorious as he impales the monstrous snake with his Trident. Seph felling one of the hounds with a dagger that the Cat slips to her, stating.

"Use it well, Daughter"

Confused but with no time to ask for an explanation Persephone and Kahame continue their combat with the remaining Kobolds. Retrieving a letter from one of the corpses addressed to Nashani, detailing an interesting plot that involves an individual by the name of Raaketh. From Kahame's understanding and knowledge check, he is able to reveal that Raaketh is a Bandit Lord who has risen up as a beacon of hope for other Dragonborn in these trying times. With Midjord at war with Ahraan'Ohkaaz [The Homeland of Dragonborn] many have flocked to join his ranks to get revenge for the death of Lord Krosis and for the death of their families from the destruction of Highspire.

The setting for the next session

Dragonborn Citizens are scattered around the continent seeking Sanctuary from the wrath of the three Lords of Midjord: Lashay, Tybat, and Arabella. In opposition to their efforts to capture Dragonborn the other two of the five, Lord Fowell and Lord Jordgrum, have provided sanctuary to Dragonborn Citizens. Providing for those who seek to either leave or make a new home for themselves in their lands. This division between the Lords has caused a strain on the Lord Protectors' effectiveness to keep them in line with the War ontop of everything else. Which has resulted in the assassination of Lord Krosis, the former lord of Highspire who governed the Tyr's Plains and neighboring lands. As well as the unofficial claiming of his seat by Lashay.

With that, we concluded our first session of Waves of Time! I hope you all enjoyed this and stay tuned for more Campaign Logs in the future!

All my Best,


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1 lb

Finesse, Light, Thrown (range 20/60)

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