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We're Hiring Cats!

Hello and welcome!

As apart of our project "Starfish Lovers" we are seeking cats to add to our story! Starfish lovers is a romantic adventure for younger audiences. The Premise of the story involves the theft of the sun, and the journey it will take to get it back.

To help you along your journey, here is a brief synopsis of the world your Cat will be living in.

The Seaspace is a treacherous and awe-inspiring realm, twinkling with the distant light of stars and nebula. Yet accompanied by the hum and song of marine life that travels through the black waves of the void.
Palu, is a collection of reefs that were once the shattered remains of a planet. The original home world of The Mao. Their ancestors, who were the remaining survivors of their destroyed home, built a means of survival for future generations. These Divine machines have powered a sustainable life for several generations. Yet as time goes on, knowledge of how to maintain their ancestors creations, falls to the wayside.

What will happen if I provide the details on my Cat?

Your Cat will be integrated into our story, either it be as a side character or a background character. In crowd illustrations your feline will most likely have a place within these designs and will be showcased.

What do I get aside from my Cat being in your Story?

We plan on rewarding anyone who offers their Cat with two stickers, one of the main characters of our story and one advertising that you contributed!

You will also be mentioned in the thank you pages at the end of the book and as stated above your Cat will most likely make an appearance in a crowd scene illustration.

Here are the main details we will need from you!

1) What is your Cats name? Do they have a nickname?

2) What is your Cats breed? Provide a picture of your Cat!

3) What is your Cats personality?

4) Does your Cat have any notable quirks?

5) Would your Cat have a particular profession?

6) Do you see your Cat having a particular fashion sense? If so, what would it be?

7)What is your Cats stand point on Religion?

8) What is your Cats stand point on Sexual Orientation?

9) Does your Cat have a favorite activity, toy, or place to visit?

10) Provide your address so we can send you your stickers!

These should be the main things that we will need to know and we appreciate anyone who comes forward with a contribution of their felines details.

To submit your cat email us at

Thank you all for visiting!

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