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AIGA Music Poster Contest

It was their biggest event of the year, AIGAJacksonville’s Design + Music Festival showcases the power of design and AIGA’s influence in shaping the music industry. Whether you’re a designer, artist, music lover, or just like to have a good time, this is the event for you!

The Design+Music Festival includes a poster gallery featuring designs by Jacksonville artists and designers, performances by local bands, a cash bar, free popsicles* from The Hyppo, amazing tacos from Dos Vatos Tacos, and even some delicious vegan and gluten-free cotton candy from FLOOF! Cotton Candy Creations*. It’s a celebration you won’t want to miss!

Three posters were illustrated and colored based on the mood of the SIAMESE The Wolf lyrics and submitted to the AIGA Design + Music Festival. Each poster illustrated and colored based on the mood of the lyrics.

siamese the wolfcmyk1.jpg

Poster 1: Make you Mine

With a violent and possessive air to it, a mixture of reds accompanied by other explosive colors was chosen. Inspirited by the music video's swarm of wolves and inspired by Dan Mumfords style this  amalgamate wolf monster was created and thus terrorized each individual within the posters. 

Just how the wolves in the song chased and terrorized the characters within the music video.

siamese the wolf2.jpg

Poster 2: Sneaking in the Pain

Brought on by the concept of a "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing but in the reverse, the character in this poster is in hiding but in danger. One slip and they would be exposed by the truth of their identity. The green is a symbolism of this nauseous terror of being caught.

siamese the wolfcmyk3.jpg

Poster 3: I can't trust Myself

Focused on the inevitable, the human character would give in to the call of their pursuer and be unable to escape. The blues symbolize relenting to a form of depression or addiction while the purple hues allowed for the interpretation of mystery. Not knowing what will happen to them next now that they have been captured. 



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