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Starfish Lovers

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The Process

Inspired by RossDraws A well-renowned Illustrator on Youtube who had posted some Artist tip videos. They focused on the importance of the process for character concept and background design. In the hopes of achieving the same level of skill and beauty in my own works I took the idea from the couch and began my own process.

Focused on the concept of the world being like the sea and like space, I came to the conclusion that the felines who lived in this world would need some kind of protection from the elements. I researched for astronaut and diver suits for the concept work on the right. 

Eventually, the decision to make the helmet a bubble was finalized. It created a unique element while also allowing ease for illustration as I struggled with ear placement for the character while creating his outfit.

If you would like to visit the artist mentioned you can find his website here. 


Above is the concept of work involving the decision-making process for the background of the illustration for Starfish Lovers. There were many elements that I wanted to implement and I adored the concepts of reefs floating on asteroids, kelp forests, cities that lived on the backs of whales, and large floating jellyfish that drifted through the astral currents.

Understanding I couldn't do all of them at once I petitioned a vote from fans and the 5th thumbnail was selected for the final piece.

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