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Cat Neavou

Cat Neavou is an appropriation project of the well-known style of Art Nouveau. As an enthusiast for this particular style and seeing it often in coffee/breakfast inns in Saint Augustine the development of posters was manifested.


It started with Inspiration taken from Théophile Alexandre Steinlen's love for cats. As he would include them in his artwork. Three posters were created to advertise a variety of cat products like Purina, Yeoooowww, and Freshstep with the concept that they would be included in a Chewy Subscription Box.



The Major Arcana

Once the posters had been designed it was difficult to reign in this new obsession and the concept for a much more time-consuming and ambitious project came to fruition. Having recently begun dabbling in spiritual practices including Tarot the desire for a handcrafted set spearheaded the decision for this project. Below are the thumbs and concepts for all of the Major Arcana which was the first step to this massive endeavor. 

Tarot Cards 11x17_Page_2.jpg
Tarot Cards 11x17_Page_1.jpg
Tarot Cards 11x17_Page_3.jpg
Tarot Cards 11x17_Page_3.jpg

Through a great deal of trial and error, cutting back on certain elements along with a particular deadline in mind the first portion of the handcrafted Tarot Deck was created. In each card, symbolism is used heavily through the frame as well as the floral elements. Each flower symbolizing the deeper meaning behind the card and the frame often times taking on the shape of the more traditional symbols found in the Rider-Waite Tarot. 

Final Product

The last intended desire for this handcrafted deck would be to turn each black frame into a foil design. Below are some examples as well as mockups. To follow in line with the concept for Chewy two cards would be added to the subscription box each month so that by the end of the year the customers would receive the entire deck.

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